And she’s off!

More like off my rocker for starting a blog, but – hey – whatever.

A family member posed the idea to me while I was on vacation, but I laughed off the suggestion with a maybe. Coming from me, that usually means no. However, the more I thought about it on the long car ride home, the more I found myself actually warming to the idea. What could it hurt, right? It’s not as if I’m writing the great American novel.

Growing up, I fancied myself a poet or a novelist. But what I ended up doing is what I call the fast food of writing: Print journalism. I stumbled into it when I needed an extra credit in high school, wrote for my college paper and got my first real job laying out the society page for a small daily newspaper in Indiana in 1994. One day, I was talking college football with one of the guys at work and immediately started covering sports. Funny, how things work out sometimes. I did it for 11 years and walked away with no regrets. It’s a shame that print journalism is dying out and so many talented people have lost their jobs, but I digress. That’s a story for another day …

I still write poems when the mood strikes and even started a novel at one point, but I got lazy and put it on the back burner. I always was much better with deadlines, but I’m pretty sure I can handle blogging at least once a week. It’s not brain surgery, that’s for sure.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m too tired from traveling to talk sports or anything else at the moment. Until next time, Roll Tide!


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