Poetry, My Way

Here’s another one for National Poetry Month, as observed by the USA and Canada …


You act as if it’s a crime
My poems don’t rhyme.
It’s not an exact science
And I refuse compliance.
I can do whatever I want,
An improvisation I flaunt.
I love writing in free verse.
Rhyming, to me, is a curse!
Blank verse is great, too –
Another form you’d also boo!
Poetry, FYI, comes in 51 flavors,
But please don’t do me any favors!
Poem has no word to rhyme with it,
A fact you simply should just admit.
Neither does poetry in all its beauty.
Aren’t you feeling a wee bit snooty?
I’ll keep creating my own worlds of words.
Keep your criticisms for your own little herds.


Poetry, My Way. Originally written Aug. 23, 2009.


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