Another National Poetry Month post, this time an oldie written 18 years ago on the 21st …


my secretive heart is sinking

into the shallowness

of my empty bathtub

boiling over with wistful fancies

involving my love’s “main objective”

(thinking of PINK FLOYD-type topics)

sharing parallel interests

using BIG words

faking intelligent conversation

boasting limited abilities

of lackluster talents


“making a lasting … ”


(tip-toeing around the burst of truth evolving in my heaving mind)

impressionistic artists

pawing for desired spaciousness

avoiding seriousness

(locking away the sunlight in your soul)

laugh and pretend

“everything’s peachy”

joke and act silly


free and carefree

(careless of caring)


side-stepping close relations

like opposing naval SHIPS at war

(skirting the boundaries of chancy love with superficial wordplay)

don’t scratch the force field preserving my screaming-for-breath heart

deafen your own heart to its shameless pleas

and don’t reply to my internal cravings

we both know love isn’t for free

(survived its price)


remember how the scissors felt shredding the paper?

(ex-certificate of love)

written in permanent marker on your soul

(two bitter for love)

soul-rifting regret

“if only … ”

but your soul isn’t free

and mine won’t resurface to merge with the sun

(we wouldn’t be happy without our separate miseries)

engraved for the duration of our melancholy terms …


Opposing. Originally written April 21, 1996.


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