Last entry for National Poetry Month. Written for my creative writing class when I was a student at IUSB back in the 1990s …





I seek solace behind my infinite masks,

Searching for a different persona every day,

Several times a day;

Shy, shrewish (the taming of?), laughing, cruel, dull, interesting, creative …

Caring, rude, cold, shrewd, unfeeling, passionate ( desiring … WHAT?) …

Et cetera,

Et cetera,

Et cetera …

It never stops.

I hate the hiding of MYSELF to please society.

Whatever happened to the genuine me?

The damn-the-world girl I used to be?

I try to put on my masks as fast as I can,

But I’m too slow

And damned …

“You can’t act like that.”

I’m not an actor.

“You can’t do that.”

I didn’t DO anything!

“You’re gonna change.”

I already have — I don’t even know ME —

A chameleon constantly changing its colors,

Always conforming to belong.

Can’t I be accepted as me?

If I shed my disguises, would I have a face?

Or be anonymous — passed over without a noticeable glance?

It’s all a smokescreen, a cover-up.

Yeah, that’s me (or one of me).

There are so many of me (camouflages) from which to choose.

Halloween is a daily event for me.

Who is this me, anyway?

It’s WE. The masks are waiting.

They’re expecting me (we sorry).

Sorry? Who’s feeling sorry?

No one pities us, but us —


We’re a part of you (equals the whole).

Time to face the world

(Or mask it with illusion).

What will it be today?

Another masquerade (a self within myself?)?


Specifically simplified: Twenty-two years, six months and four days,

(Take or give several days — your choice).


Not mine.

Never mine.

I wear these transient masks for you.





  1. Kip

    Not me! Nicely done.

  2. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Brilliant! (Of course, I already knew it would be.) 😀

    • LOL … thank you! This was an assignment for my creative writing class way back in my college days.

      • I hope you got an A. Your poems are always so filled with emotion, I can almost feel them.

      • I did, surprisingly enough … lol. I don’t do well writing to order. Thank you. 🙂

      • That’s how I felt on poetry month. LOL! But I had no doubt you sailed through with the poems you have shared. They are all so brimming with emotion and as a writer, that’s what you want. Great job!

      • Thank you! It wasn’t always easy … lol.

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