more than

more than



arguing …

in the barn …

“do you need any help?”

“not with this.”

(he means with the batteries)

“are you sure?”

(she means with everything)


and she walks back into the house.


he stomps by the window

“can you give me a hand with this?”

(carry the sweeper to muck out the horse’s stall)

his hands are full with the shovel, horse feed and hay


“i thought you didn’t need any help.”

she follows him to the pasture

“i meant with the batteries.”

(vehicular ones)

“i meant with everything.”

“i’m not used to expressing everything into words.”

(his back to her face)

“i’m not a mind-reader.”

“you always ask me if i need help, and when i finally do, you don’t help me.”

“when i ask if you need help, it’s with everything, not one thing.”

she pets the palomino horse in passing

(sweeping the stall)

he throws down the shovel in disgust

“i can’t even dig.”

(the ground is too hard)

he stomps back to the barn

(she stays behind, volatile temper brimming)


fight …

she marches back to the barn

she yells

“do you want my help or not?”

“i don’t know — if you want to.”

“that’s not what i asked — yes or no?”

(he lets her help)

he tries to help her help him

“i can do it myself, thank you.”

(about dumping the mildewed hay in the cornfield)

working side by side … silently


sorry …

he looks at her and says i’m sorry with his eyes

he hugs her like he’s never going to let go


all over again

“i know saying sorry doesn’t always make everything right, but i am.”

but she forgives him because she loves him

(more than he’ll ever know)

“i love you.”

(she says)

i love you, love you

(she says

… to herself)

more than.


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