Techn(elegy), Part I and 100 followers

Just wanted to take a minute to say a huge thank you to my followers! I just reached the 100-plus milestone, which is pretty cool, considering I didn’t think anyone would give two shits either way when I first started blogging in October 2013. It was more to light a fire under my ass to start writing again than anything else, so this comes as a double bonus. I always appreciate the visits and I try like mad to return the favor as much as possible, as time permits, with a suddenly-full work schedule I haven’t had in years. Of course, those extra hours will go away once inventory is done at the end of the month, but I’ll take what I can get.

Anyway, here’s a NEW poem (for a change) …


techn(elegy), part i
may 4, 2014


your face up in a screen
oblivious to my scream
of blurry times i dream
moments lost to glean

you cannot even “see” me
eyes that won’t break free
of politics stumping a tree
human interaction nay – be

you over – hear, i’m right here
ignoring all the perils of sight
drowning two wrongs in right
appearing in self – ease to leer

just a minute becomes a year
like the things you’re scrolling
pin you to more pages trolling
while i wish i could eke a tear

it’s always something you utter
running commentary on a rant
as seeds never bloom to a plant
my love dies down to a mutter

and still you look without seeing
the robots famously enter – acting
sans the emotions, sub – tracting
you dividing me in – two. fleeing.


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