Techn(elegy), Part II

techn(elegy), part ii
may 5-6, 2014


“there’s an app for that,” she said
absently sliding her index finger
on the device – if face of her life
always swiping, swiping, swiping

i’m not apt enough to try it myself
getting lost in the cell – you – light
missing out with heads bent down
time moves when you don’t blink

i see her every day, wasting away
blindly sitting right across from me
technology further immersing her
lack of humanity in its grasping void

face-to-face is gone like dinosaurs
back-to-face leaves me lonesome
back-to-back snuffs out that feeling
about-face is breaking eye contact

contractual agreements circle above
like winged rats disguised as seagulls
waiting to swoop on their own terms
teaching you not to open your mouth

automated voices speak in place of yours
droning on in a world that does not care
just to follow your next typed command
instead of engaging me from over there.


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