Techn(elegy), Part III

This video — Look Up (click on the words) — spoke to me all the way to my soul, inspiring me to really look around at the people I see and hear every day — those who interact and those who don’t — and to write a series of poems from my observations and long pent-up thoughts. These poems have been building up inside me for years — dating back to when my fellow journalists started getting the ax en masse as newspapers gravitated toward the digital age at the price of people who believed in truth, integrity, quality and responsibility — and finally just started spilling out after I watched this video. I’m all for technology — it’s truly amazing and it enables me to keep in touch with friends and family more than 1,000 miles away — but not to the extent where people lose their jobs over it, that there no longer is any real-life, face-to-face human interaction, etc. What happens when there’s nothing left? I think about it all the time, and the uncertainties are disturbing. This video really makes you think, makes you want to look up before a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity passes you by that you never can get back. Anyway, here is another humble offering of mine to that end …


techn(elegy), part iii
may 6, 2014


it bums my ass, your newest pass – time
missing out witnessing a band in its prime
like taking pictures out of focus is a crime
from the camera lens of a colorblind mime

worlds churn around your gadgets in hand
stamping onto you a cattle-mentality brand
knowing the greediness for more will stand
building a lifelessness into you so very grand

the status-quo options, fortunes you make
an inability to “dislike” the stories you fake
amidst all the advertising billions you rake
a race to get the longest friend list at stake

spend all day thinking of “cool” things to say
followers commend your “witty” word – play
feeding technology-driven, narcissisitic bray
this mechanical applause on which you prey

electronics reign over polite society as kings
mandating you to be their puppets on strings
dependent on these screen-to-screen flings
existence the mere monotone grab for things

when did we stop feeling for each other at night
craving passionate touching in the morning light
won’t you tear your eyes away and hold me tight
across the fucking room, begging with all my might?


Here are the links to techn(elegy), part i and techn(elegy), part ii if you missed them and decide you’d like to read them:


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