Techn(elegy), Part IV

techn(elegy), part iv
may 6-7, 2014


her daddy’s old catfish stories were the gospel truth
untangling the dangling lines from logs in his youth
he unraveled the bottom feeders like a true sleuth
always wading the bayou until he was long of tooth

the slippery, slimy critters still fight getting hooked
but they ain’t the same fish her daddy home – cooked
faking identities from snapshots when no one looked
thumbing through profiles of victims they pre – booked

you want to believe their tall tales and swallow the lies
so now you’re in on the hoax you both try to dis – guise
just another poor sucker when you should have been wise
don’t go crying foul when her true self comes as a sir – prize

your love isn’t as she seems on the other side of the screen
but you ingest elusive excuses she concocts not to be seen
this keeper you’ve caught in a cyber romance you can’t wean
and you persist with the charade instead of her coming clean

she wiggles off the line before you can reel her all the way in
you act all broken up because she took you for quite the spin
when you only needed a pair of pliers to peel back her real skin
to see she’s not who she said she was when she slipped you the fin

so you go fish for a show to uncover untruths you didn’t want to know
trapping her in a net of self-contempt and regret over which you crow
when you glimpse a body you deem unworthy of having you as a beau
gutting her inside out and filleting her for a fish fry following the show.


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