Techn(elegy), Part V

techn(elegy), part v
may 7-8, 2014


i recall writing letters, pen to paper, page after page, late into the night
pecking away on my typewriter, finishing term papers by morning light
stalking the postman for envelopes from my pen pals addressed to me
outdated days from a not-so-distant childhood i wish didn’t cease to be

we talked on telephones with cords so long we twined them into knots
couldn’t walk room to room doing this and that to hinder spoken thoughts
ducking away from curious ears so no one else heard about my latest crush
for hours we’d chatter of dreams and secret yearnings that made us blush

we’d hang out after school foraging each other’s fridges for a tasty snack
giggling away as mom and dad joined in to spout some dorky wise – crack
friends often stayed for dinner because that’s the way we did things then
oh, how i long for the same familiarity today, for the way our lives had been

now, we shoot off shitty little e-mails that say nothing and mean even less
students do their work on laptops because the ‘net gives them an info mess
letter carriers die out as postage skyrockets under the excuse of saving trees
in a world embracing technology forcing economies to their collective knees

nobody talks anymore since we stopped interacting somewhere along the way
why is it so fucking hard to yank out the earbuds to ask someone about their day
we’re all too goddamned busy being self-absorbed that we cannot be bothered
is this really how we want to have our children so lovingly mothered and fathered

families sit in the same room, hypnotized by the screens they glue to their faces
this precious time they share together when they’re actually all in different places
bitching about one another to each other via texts without a single voice being heard
when they have better things to do than to suffer the silent company of their own herd.


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