Techn(elegy), Part VII

Please note that this poem contains EXPLICIT content, so don’t go crying that you weren’t forewarned (LOL). I wanted to keep it as realistic and honest as the other poems in this … vein. I like that. Vein. I’ve never had the words come to me as easily as the ones in these poems, nor have I written so many so quickly — EVER. In fact, the next one already is written and waiting to be posted … tomorrow. So today I humbly offer up this one …


techn(elegy), part vii
may 9, 2014


you lay low behind a keyboard and monitor to date
rather than hitting the town to find yourself a mate
because you’re too busy to get your ass off the chair
and rid your hands of the mouse that keeps you there.

you prefer browsing dating sites promising true love
waiting for the perfect match who fits you like a glove
from a fill-in-the-blanks data search that best suits you
learning along the way computers never lie. people do.

so y’all reinvent your true selves to bait elaborate traps
scheming to ensnare each other in a dicey game of craps
spewing all these falsities that inevitably come back to bite
when you deem it justifiable in a quest for mr./mrs. right.

y’all eventually reach a joint decision to hook up in real life
wondering if he’ll love you enough to ask you to be his wife
once he finds out the busty snapshots you sent him are a con
as the padded bra comes off faster than you can say don juan.

he’s fretting about his lil’ package not quite measuring up to scale
when y’all fool around like randy teens before the great un – veil
all the while hoping that she’ll love him despite his short – coming
enough to ignore it, but he slips her a ring just in case as he’s cumming.

y’all lay there regretting ever meeting up in the dark when it’s all done
her thinking she’ll keep the ring as a sounvenir for sex that was no fun
him puzzling why he gave her bling when using his hand was far better
ending it in a dash to their screens to type a dear john/jane cyber letter.


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