Techn(elegy), Part VIII

techn(elegy), part viii
may 9, 2014


we are losing ourselves
endlessly clicking away
boards with no endings
to give a fuck if they did

avoiding actual contact
generating no emotion
moving farther to avoid
realistic breaks in the ice

no sites to see sightings
it’s all blurring together
building blocks that fall
no one wants to restore

machinations progress
to delete who we were
before this robotic state
of downloadable being

bathing in our own drool
catatonic slaves clacking
after digital king – dumbs
traveling superhighways

emoticons replacing us
upload info for sharing
on how to get upgrades
for a race now defunct.


3 thoughts on “Techn(elegy), Part VIII

    1. Thank you. I’m not much of a rhymer (I’ve always preferred free verse), and it drove my creative writing teacher in high school batty. She was very rigid in how she thought we should write, but I did my own thing. She meant well, but you have to give people the freedom to express themselves in their own way.

      I’ve had to make play dates, too. It’s really sad how things have changed. Growing up, we just played until we were called inside when it got dark or when it was time to eat. It’s been interesting picking it all apart and writing about it.

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