Techn(elegy), Part IX

techn(elegy), part ix
may 12, 2014


the toys sit dormant in a storage tub
in a coating of dust from lack of play
parents unable to explain this snub
for all these things they had to pay

streets are quiet but for passing cars
no neighborhood ball-hockey games
with kids imagining themselves stars
on nhl teams sporting famous names

no squeals or scurrying of little feet
as young’uns splash in water spouts
teeth chattering in the summer heat
between tiny turns of giggling bouts

parks fill with condoms and needles
rather than children swinging away
conning mom with their wheedles
to stay a while longer with a hurray

the adventure of libraries is a bore
finding books is far too much work
you liken the task to doing a chore
when using a nook is a better perk

making appointments for their dates
instead of simply letting kids go play
you insist on picking out their mates
ignoring mutinous cries of dis – may.


3 thoughts on “Techn(elegy), Part IX

    1. Thank you! It’s so sad not to see it much these days, especially kids playing ball hockey in the street in my neighborhood. They’d all yell “car” and move the net so it could pass before resuming play. So much has changed, sadly.

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