Techn(elegy), Part X and still need two volunteers for Calling All Writers Blog Tour

techn(elegy), part x
may 13, 2012


i saw it coming long before it did
devouring newspapers in its way
wiping newsrooms from the grid
muting true journalists of any say

i bowed out before it was too late
to duck the swinging ax that came
dismembering the truth of its trait
in an era of money-grubbing shame

gutting staffs with a smile and wave
all to change the tempo of the game
slowly sending presses off to a grave
as you look for a scapegoat to blame

we’ve always changed with the times
adapted our styles to fit public needs
yet you repay loyalty with your dimes
in severence packages for such deeds

this fast-food business style of writing
is stripped of much talent in its telling
as you post mistakes we keep fighting
to show the shit you’d have us smelling

digital is the only means to tell the story
in which you update fuckups with a click
sacrificing your integrity for some glory
to get it to internet readership real quick




Here are the “Blog Tour” questions:


1.  What am I working on at the moment?


2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?


3.  Why do I write what I do?


4.  How does my writing process work?


My own “Blog Tour” post will be published Monday, May 19.  My post will contain my answers, as well as the links to the three bloggers whom I have selected to participate in the Blog Tour.  I am also to provide a link back to the blogger who originally invited me to participate, also contained in my Blog Tour post.


So your Blog Tour post would need to be published on Monday, May 26, answer the questions, list the links of the three bloggers whom you have selected (their posts would need to be published on Monday, June 2) and also please include a link to my blog from your Blog Tour post.  It seems pretty straightforward, and the cycle perpetuates like that.


If you’re interested, all you need to do is comment on this post. As I said, I just need two more volunteers (no pressure — honest). Seems like a good way to generate more interest in your respective blogs if you have the time and would like to partake. I know there are a lot of talented writers out there looking for more exposure. Thanks in advance.


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