Techn(elegy), Part XI

Another one with some language not to be getting all offended about, just one person’s opinions/observations not directed at anyone (well, maybe some celebrities … lol), blah blah blah, yada yada yada, whatever …


techn(elegy), part xi
may 14, 2014


chirp chirp witless info
yimmering yammering
senseless murmurings
it’s just gibberish to me

another bitchy platform
to blurb this distaste for
those you cut and paste
in a world of blunderers

flittering attention spans
coat your baby-talk drivel
only cool kids can decode
in finite wordy characters

limited spaces are precious
when you say mean things
in unsocial robotic settings
immune to the cuts of keys

haven’t you heard about all
the trending new hashtags
fashionably passing through
twats who tweet on twitter

epic battles becoming wars
as followers pick their sides
boxing up a bevy of replies
spewing machine-gun lies.


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