Techn(elegy), Part XII

techn(elegy), part xii
may 15-16, 2014


manners die out in times
when you forego pleases
god bless yous to sneezes
and think religions crimes

watching without helping
is akin to slowly driving by
just to feed your inner spy
uncaring of victims yelping

with a quick click of the cell
you stand back to take a pic
and hit record like it’s a flick
you are directing all to hell

consumable herds trampling
stores to hurry, hurry, hurry
in a collective pack-rat scurry
to acquire any free sampling

too busy to look up to say hi
too selfish to hold the doors
everyday niceties are chores
as bleating sheep rush on by

you trash every place you go
expecting others to pick it up
you ain’t nothin’ but a schlup
sponging off welfare for mo’.


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