Techn(elegy), Part XIII

techn(elegy), part xiii
may 16, 2014


you flourish off the backs of us
drug-abusin’, baby-poppin’ pus
all you do is sit all day and cuss
when the kids dare make a fuss

you make more money than me
spending it on a shopping spree
in which all you’ve bought is free
courtesy of this government fee

you blow some at the liquor store
stacks of lottery tickets you score
the mcdonald’s grease you whore
and the highs that make you soar

you try to act all hoity-toity and shit
despite craters from each needle hit
dealers discount when you flash a tit
that you counter by trading sex for it

beating a system to help the needy
only makes you increasingly greedy
prowling bars catering to the seedy
to get a new baby daddy real speedy

another mouth is money in the bank
direct-deposit checks you can thank
technology for creating such a skank
living off of the workforce you prank.


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