Techn(elegy), Part XIV

techn(elegy), part xiv
may 19, 2014

big box translates to big bucks
and not giving two flying fucks
buying local no longer a choice
moms and pops have no voice

outsourcing jobs to save dough
screwing employees like a pro
uncaring if they can stay afloat
you ain’t no goddamn lifeboat

contracts devoid of democracy
when we work for an autocracy
ends don’t meet on shit wages
in bankruptcy’s earliest stages

how many townships must fall
and be replaced by a damn mall
as we fight to live check to check
the economy even more a wreck

online selling is the way to go
for the sake of lotsa cash flow
leaving empty spaces for rent
robbing cities of capital spent

rackets booming from our sweat
you say there are no jobs to get
carcasses pile up as you enslave
countries into a crumbling grave


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