Techn(elegy), Part XV (series finale)

This is the final poem in the techn(elegy) series, which I wrote to make people stop and think. It is by far the darkest one. These are thoughts and fears I’ve had for years. It was interesting dissecting them all and then purging, so to speak. That said, I finally can go back to writing “Blindsided” now that I’ve gotten this obsession out of my system.

Thank you in advance for stopping by my blog to read and perhaps share your own thoughts with me.

techn(elegy), part xv
may 20, 2014

how many job losses does it have to take
for the entire population to break in – two
a techie revolution pitting me against you
in the termination for all we have at stake

how many will be ousted from their homes
only to figure out panhandling ain’t for them
when viewed as snot rags you wipe phlegm
or rotting earth from a grave a zombie roams

how many people are going to have to starve
while waiting in soup lines that know no end
as the feds waste time finding ways to spend
on packing their wallets with trees they carve

how many humans do you think need to die
for greedy hands to seize the gold that oozes
from big barrels of resources the planet loses
in a wartime weapons-of-mass-destruction lie

how many years will a struggle of the classes last
in which we clash like post-apocalyptic mad max
just to claim mother earth as a dependent we tax
to breathe in the dead air we’ve nuked and gassed

how many forms of technology do there have to be
before it’s too late to go back to the way things were
when we didn’t require electronics for a memory stir
and laughed and played like children filled with glee?


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