I lied

about being done with the techn(elegy) poem series. I’m making the poems into a book and it needed a prologue, so here is the 16th and final part:


techn(elegy) prologue
may 26, 2014


why research papers when
you simply can google it all
to save you the minutes of
the day that you don’t have

you say you’re so very busy
today listening to thin lizzy
sing about boys being back
via the computers you hack

databases make easy prey
of people you rob to – day
by personal info that they
give in an online dis – play

wiki leaks top-secret intel
governments won’t tell all
about our forthcoming fall
to a cause meant to impel

still you’re way too lazy to
make any fuss in your rush
to endless screens you view
turning your brain to mush

oblivious to the problems
transforming the world as
we whore ourselves out to
technology’s newest toys.


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