A fairy tale (no, not really)

Once Upon a Friend
Aug. 13, 2009


Once upon a friend
I easily let you in
To my world
To my home
To my family
I thought in you
I always could tell all
(Without repercussion.)

Whispered every
Sordid secret
Reckless beliefs
(Mine, always mine)
Secretly laughing
Pointing, snickering
It was funny to you
(Dumping on me.)

The edge is serrated
Back and forth
Back and forth
Back and forth
The tips are prickly
(My seepage is red)
You dealt a big owie
Stop it! Hurts me.

You hold your sides
Giggling at the absurdity
(From the deep end)
Looking through me
Sizing me down
Chopping me in half
In front of all of them
(Your new little “friends.”)

How did you feel
Making your fun?
(Prices are high)
The bounty, expensive
Picking at the scabs
(They never really heal)
Reverted all the way back
To the sad little girl. Me.

I’m so glad for you! Thrilled!
(Your family must be proud)
They taught you so well
(How to do the inflicting)
A great feat to share
With your small children
Tell them a bedtime story
(You in all your glory.)

The “princess” was all alone
She was in need of a friend
(The foreigner would do)
Kept the dragons away
Held them all at bay
Listened to her prattle
On and on and on and on
Do YOU believe in fairy tales?

I’ve ceased falling for them
(The stories you keep telling)
Wow! Look at the time! Gotta go!
The leech bled me to the bone
(Dried up like a worn-out pacifier)
Soothes and silences the cries
I don’t buy into any of it – this, you!
Once upon a friend, indeed. The End.


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