the herd mentality

politicians herd you like cattle
with their almighty p.c. prattle
as if it’s an answer to the mystery
of your fucked up take on history

you desecrate everything in sight
because it’s your self-serving right
in your agenda to rewrite the past
via stones you so righteously cast

we’re doomed to repeat the wrongs
if we don’t deter shrewd king kongs
who dictate how you think and feel
and turn you into stepfords for real

they tell you what you want to hear
inciting you to riots in states of fear
vs. those who don’t buy into the shit
sugarcoating all the lies you deem fit

this archival cleansing is dividing us
as you turn objects into a racist fuss
in your zeal to ban all that you hate
while intolerance laps up your plate

you eradicate details you do not like
just as the nazis did in the third reich
committing genocide to get their way
you damn memorials in a power play

banning flags won’t bring anyone back
and digging up graves is just as quack
as drinking Kool-Aid from your peers
in a cult setting resonating with cheers

lives devoid of love decay en masse
in a country that allows laws to pass
nixing freedoms we once cherished
the red, white and blue has perished

viewing christianity as a black plague
in a rationale bordering on the vague
simply to vilify the people who pray
for you to rid your souls of sins today

pointing fingers to deflect the blame
immorality overtakes order to maim
all the good in a world that you rape
bullying free will in a superman cape

and you idolize cash-hungry tv whores
whose realities are better than yours
blinding you with the wool they pull
over starstruck eyes buying their bull

labeling us bigots when we don’t agree
yours is the only opinion that should be
when a he becomes a her for selfish gain
in another tv show bid to drain your brain

your humanity dies as you flip us the bird
opinions are taboo when you’re in a herd
you bomb us with crap in a last parting shot
segregating us into censorship for naught.

Written July 11-16, 2015.


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