“Blindsided” is republished and re-edited

in book form, finally to my everlasting satisfaction. I have a horrible habit of endlessly going back and editing, but this is absolutely the last time. I have to let it go so I can continue working on “Icing the Kicker,” my second novel and the sequel to “Blindsided.” It was pushed aside for several months due to health issues with close family members, so the focus has been on getting them better. It certainly puts into perspective what’s most important.

I changed self-publishing companies from Blurb, which created the first two editions in June 2016, to CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, which printed the third May 3. I hemmed and hawed for a long time before making the change because I loved being able to lay out the book myself instead of having others do it for me. I like having complete control over something I create, which, as you know, often can be a curse. But I digress …

Once I went through the arduous tasks or re-editing, fixing and formatting the text suitably to CreateSpace’s .PDF specifications and my patient husband fixed a photo problem within minutes that I had been torturing myself over for hours, it was smooth sailing. The book was printed and sent the same day I gave it the final edit for roughly half the price Blurb charged, so I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as quality. Turns out, I needn’t have worried because I loved it. Plus, I had the book within less than 48 hours of having it published and that was even using ground shipping, which seemingly can take forever sometimes, as some of you may well know.

Another perk is that CreateSpace goes that extra step and offers free distribution of books not only on its site but others, as well, with the most notable being Amazon. They set it all up for you, which is really convenient. All you do is set your price and do an author profile. It’s that simple.

Even if my sales amount to shit, this has been a cool experience because it was on my bucket list.

Here is the link to amazon.com:




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